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A valid AUM Student I.D. is required to obtain a buyback. There is no guarantee of a buyback; however, the AUM Bookstore strives to buyback as many textbooks as possible at one half of the selling price. Once quantity requirements have been met books with national demand may be bought for up to one third of the new book price. All books originally sold with CD’s, access codes, and supplements must have that item to be eligible for buyback. Old edition textbooks have no buyback value. Prices quoted below are based on "new" books, "used" books may be less. The AUM Bookstore reserves the right to deny a buyback based upon the condition of the book.

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What's an ISBN?

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ISBN Standards
The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique commercial book identifier. It is located on the back of each book. Please type this number into the textbox on the search page. You can enter a 10 digit ISBN, or a 13, or a combination of the two. barcode image