Thanks for shopping the AUM Bookstore.  Course materials serve as tool of the trade to inform students and guide them toward subject mastery and classroom success.

All course materials are selected by instructors and ordered accordingly.

REFUNDS:  A valid AUM student I.D. and a register receipt are required for all refunds. Refund periods on textbooks vary; please refer to your receipt for refund eligibility. DO NOT WRITE in new books until you are certain that you won't need to return them. New books must be in perfect condition for a full refund. School and art supplies, software (if unopened), and all non-course related items can be returned for a refund only on the day of purchase.

BUYBACKS:   There is no guarantee of a buyback; however, the AUM Bookstore strives to buyback as many textbooks as possible at one half of the selling price. Once quantity requirements have been met books with national demand may be bought for up to one third of the new book price. All books originally sold with CD’s, access codes, and supplements must have that item to be eligible for buyback. Old edition textbooks have no buyback value. A valid AUM student I.D. is needed to obtain a buyback.

Textbook Rental Policies:

All Students interested in renting textbooks must have a valid AUM Student I.D. and be currently registered for the term wanting to rent textbooks. The textbook rental fee is 45% of the new textbook price and is due at the time of purchase.  Students may pay with cash, credit cards, personal check, and qualifying financial aid (if available).

Refund eligibility on textbook rental purchases will be noted on your receipt and varies during a semester.

All rented textbooks may be written in pencil only.   No highlighting or ink.   Failure to adhere with this policy will result in the full amount of the textbook being charged to the student.   Lost, stolen and damaged textbooks are the responsibility of the student.   

Returning textbooks:  all textbook rentals are due at the AUM Bookstore by the close of business the day after final exams and are subject to review by an AUM Bookstore staff member.  Failure to return the rented textbook by this time will result in the total purchase price, plus applicable sales tax, charged to the student’s account.  There is no credit for the rental fee.  There is no guarantee of a buyback on a rented textbook that has been charged to your account.   Students may review their accounts in WEBSTER.

At the discretion of the AUM Bookstore Director, charges for rented textbooks not returned by the due date may be waived on account of sickness, injury, or family emergency provided the student has a notification of absence, and proper documentation of the circumstances.  

The AUM Bookstore phone number is  334-244-3578 or e-mail at